For those who are ready to indulge in a little exploration of this beautiful island and see what excitement they can find on Rodrigues our competent staff, are at your disposal to organize all kinds of activities:

- Excursions: Our excursions help you explore the beauty of the island and see some of the most gorgeous places this island has to offer.

- Car rental
: For those who want to explore on their own - we offer the freedom of a rental car that opens up Rodrigues and lets you meander through the island at your own pace and style.

- Diving
: Some of the most beautiful places to see are under water and we can assist you in your exploring the local reefs and reveling in the amazing discoveries you will find there.

- Windsurfing and Kitesurfing
: For the more adventuresome we offer the opportunity to experience the ocean in ways that are not only fun, but offer a whole new view of the surrounding landscape.

- Deep sea fishing
: If enjoying the ocean with a fishing pole in your hands is what makes for a perfect day, then we can assist you in finding the perfect spot.


During the weekend, Le Recif is home to traditional Dance Shows followed by Evergreen, Tropical and the latest modern tunes which will allow you to sway to their rhythm.

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